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Debbie Banko


Link Technologies is a cybersecurity, project management and IT company headquartered in Las Vegas with a second office in Denver and a presence in half a dozen other major metropolitan regions throughout the country. The award-winning company employs 125 people and has been included on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation for the last five years.

The Mistake:

Hiring the right people for the right reasons who turn out to be the wrong people – and not doing something about it quickly.

Oftentimes, we hire the right people for the right reasons, but if they don't want to do the work or try to fit in within your organization, it’s just a waste of time and money. We all get caught up in that trap of trying to fix it, and it only works about 20 percent of the time.

If you hired the wrong person you have to get over yourself and recognize it early.

The Lesson:

When you find that you have a bad apple in your organization, you need to move quickly because most of the time it's not going to work out. If you hired the wrong person, you have to get over yourself and recognize it early, and get the bad apple out of your hair.

If you hired someone who doesn't fit into your organization, you just have to bite the bullet and say to yourself you've made a mistake and you need to fix that mistake as quickly as possible. The worst mistake anybody can make is to try and fix somebody who is not willing to fit into your organization. It costs so much time and money.

You need to be able to recognize your mistakes and handle them accordingly and not stretch them out because it costs more money for you in the long run and it causes a lot of upset within your organization. It's more about that really, and I think those are the worst mistakes anybody can make and I've made several of them.

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